Window fashions is a leading manufacture and exporter of coir and allied products,  It enjoys a unique position in the international market for high quality floor coverings. Coir matting and rugs, Sea grass matting&rugs, Jute matting &rugs, Brush mats, Rubber door mats, Proly propylene mats, Rope mats, Rubbererized mould mats, Rope mats, Bath room cotton mats, Vinyl blocked coir rolls, Coir Rope, Coir fiber, Coir yarn. Our products have a prestigious position in the super markets and Other markets, All over the world, Decorating & furnishing well known buildings Offices, spa, houses etc...World over while supplying very high quality products. The Maintains very affordable prices. International market offering interior and exterior high quality products to our valued customers.



These matting are used indoors and outdoors stairs, runner, foyers, room rugs or out door exhibitions where in the area to be covered is large. Our coir matting are great for the home, office with easy maitaince, they can be vaccumed, taken outside and shaken. Coir rugs have a natural resistance to water so do not easy rot. A range of coir and coir blended floor coverings wooven on machine looms. Panama,  Bouchle, Herring Bone. Available as customers wish. Natural bleach and colored available in any measurements.




The Sisal is natural .The sisal rugs and sisal carpets to your home or office.halls at a price you can afford We carry a wide selection of small and large sisal rugs that can be shipped as your order. our durable rugs and carpets are available in a full range of colors, designs, and styles of weave. The look and texture of soft sisal rugs beautifully complements a hardwood floor, and they are an attractive way of introducing a more organic element to a room or halls and all area.




The Jute is soft and best when used like carpet and floor covering mats and rugs made of jute provide the natural alternative to bulky and expensive carpets jute matting and mats have a soft feel and are light weight good technique ensures less shedding of fiber and make natural bleach and color  them idea for interior decoration. The item is available in any measurements.




Sea grass is possibly the best known of natural flooring. Sea grass can be recognized by its grassy, hay- like scent and coloring which dissipates with time. Colors range from Stage green hues to Olive. Sea grass rugs  have a non-porous surface that gives it a naturally smooth texture and sheen. Making it is suitable for most  areas in the home. It's rigidity gives it a natural durability, and which is available in  required measurements.




WINDOW FASHIONS is a company engaged in the manufacturing and Exports of high quality rubberized coco fiber sheets, cusions and mattress sleeping products reputation in domestic as well as in international markets.



Effectively keeping the soil in place through the heaviest of rains. gradually promoting the growth of vegetation over the years the and finally being biodegradable. disintegrating in to the soil harmlessly. some examples of applications. coir geotextails have been effectively used in road ,rail and  river embankments. mining fields and waste dumb areas. air field, golf courses. ski slopes ,noise control banks.Playground,and many more. requirements measure.



 we are introduce environment friendly coir rope. according to your requirement measure available. Coir rope in different dia-metre in coil basis. coir yarn spinning machine with motor. Rope making machine with motor., coir pith is finding new application  make coir pith  flower tray.3)coco fiber produce high quality coco fiber special for export to the world.