This product is a roll up insect screen giving 100 per cent insect proofing to the Houses, Offices & Factories. Required HACCP certification to hotels etc...Fit it and forget the mosquitoes, other flies and enjoys a healthier life.
Fresh air and natural light into the room.
Since it is rolling- up like a shutter with spring mechanism.
It is compact, it is user friendly.
Its built in brush is cleaning the net while operating.
It adds up beauty to the interiors.
Mesh from U.S.A, spring from Germany and Weather strip from Greece
It is in two standard colors, Ivory & Brown
Its aluminum section is rigid and specially designed, powder coated.
Its Fiber glass mesh is fire retardant, with high tensile strength.
It is resistant to all adverse weather conditions.

Roll-up fiber-glass insect screens protect you from disease causing insects. So you can be sure that you and your family are protected from such diseases as dengue fever, malaria, cholera etc, which are common in the metros.